We where hereExploration of time
and politics of nuclear power
the outer space a living being
hi mother earth
and sorry about
your pain of toxic breath.

A second can be a eternity
tomorrow now

developing chains of slaverty
and illusions of progress
to a point of no return.

Your inner space connected
to an instant of work, no time to loose
sun burning your skin of civilisation

where people are a risk factor
for making profit.

Dominating with sciences of death
the life of our hearts
, please universe
give us hope and stop humankind explotation
where truth is changed by believe
and peace by war.

Copenhagen, 2009, Hans Braumüller

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Wasser von Claudia Liekam, 2017

Water and Mountains - Painting from Hans Braumüller

Water and Mountains, 15 x 20,5 cm, Mix technice on clay plate 2017

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