Dear Friends and Colleagues,
as promised some news about the preparations of Artpool's next big venture, the PARASTAMP exhibition:

PARASTAMP - Four Decades of Artistamps from Fluxus to Internet
23 March - 24 June 2007
Budapest Museum of Fine Arts
This temporary exhibition will be displayed in the special Print & Drawing Cabinet of the Museum.

(see at the end of this mail some more info + pictures about the museum, which is one of the most important museums in Central Europe with a collection from Egyptian Art till the 20th Century)
Press release of the ParaStamp show:

A catalog in English and Hungarian will be published in the museum's traditional series with some illustrations.
A preface for the catalog was written by art critic Peter Frank, there is an introduction to the world of artistamps by Kata Bodor (art historian) and an interview with Gyorgy Galantai (curator). 

Beside the invitation card, a copy of the printed catalog and the poster of the exhibition will be sent to all participants
(We apologise in advance if the catalog will only arrive after the opening)
As an integral part of the exhibition a complete internet site is going to be published and will be available on several  computers in the exhibition space, of the Museum.
The internet site is already under development and is reachable from:

The Parastamp exhibition is the product of one and a half years of preparatory - research and systematisation - work. Based on the various documents and publications available, a collection of materials has been compiled in order to provide an overview of the history of the artistamp through past exhibitions.  

This material, together with the clearly arranged documentation of Michael Bidner’s estate and additional pieces from the Artistamp Museum of Artpool, can be studied at leisure by researchers and any interested party during the exhibition in Artpool, in the Artistamp Research Corner during opening hours.

We are still working on completing the documentation of the artistamp history and checking all related documents (announcements, invitation cards, posters, flyers, catalogs, articles).
We will try to contact all curators one by one in the coming weeks, in case we are missing information or documents.
We would be thankful for your help.

Catalogs of which we have a duplicate copy will be available for consultation to the public in the exhibition space at the Museum. 
(We may also contact some of you for a second copy for this purpose.)

The opening event will be on 23 March at 11 am - and as to the tradition of the Museum of Fine Arts, will be quite formal.
Opening speeches will be held by Dr. Márta SCHNEIDER - State Secretary in charge of culture at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Istvan HAJDU - art critic, and Dr. Laszlo BAAN - General Director.

On Thursday, April 26, from 6 to 9.30 pm. 
there will be a special Museum+ event organised for the participants of the ParaStamp show where the public will also be able to meet the artists - there will be an interpreter to help communication -  from 7 p.m. György Galántai, Jas Felter and the artists present will speak about the exhibiton, their works and experiences. 

We hope to meet you at this time or sometime during the three months of the exhibition.

If you plan to visit the Parastamp exhibition and Artpool,
we would like to encourage you to come in April and be here on the 26th, 
at this probably nice and warm gathering and be our guests for a dinner later in the evening.

Let us finish this already long account with some acknowledgement:

The background material, which is of vital importance for this exhibition reviewing forty years of the artistamp, could not have been collected without the support of our artist- and art loving partners who assisted us in our work by sending us their special stamp works, documents and written works, and encouraged us by continuously demonstrating their professional interest in the project.

We would like to express our thanks as well as respect to all the members of the Mail Art Network, and especially to the following people:

Anna Banana, Vittore Baroni, Thomas Michael Bidner, Al Brandtner, C. T. Chew, Robert Rudine-Dogfish, Jas W. Felter, Peter Frank, Hans Ruedi Fricker, Harley-Terra Candella, John Held Jr., Michael Hernandez De Luna, E. F. Higgins III., Bernd Löbach-Hinweiser, Crackerjack Kid, Milan Knizak, András Lengyel, Stephen Perkins, Pawel Petasz, Gilbert & Lila Silverman, Hans Sohm, Patricia Tavenner, The Sticker Dude, Ed Varney, Bill Wilson.

We look forward to hear of you,

best wishes from:

Julia Klaniczay, György Galántai
and the Artpool staff

Official site of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts
About the collections:

 Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts
"This spectacular and renovated building houses a museum that's massive in scale (slightly intimidating in fact), with a wide range of exhibits. It's noted for its Spanish collection, most of which comes from the famous Count Esterhazy who picked up the pieces at bargain prices. Everything from El Greco to Goya is here. There is also an interesting display of Roman vases and artifacts (lots of huge toga-holding safety pins) as well as many other works."

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Wasser von Claudia Liekam, 2017

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