Gregorio Berchenko, mail art and visual poet from the beginning, partner of Guillermo Deisler. He was born in Chile. After his exile in Paris, he returns to Chile, where he makes his living as sculptor. Mantains a artistic comúnication with Hans Braumüller since 1986, when he invites Hans Braumüller to participate in UNI/vers Nr.1 from Guillermo Deisler, a portfolio of international experimental and visual poetry.

Gregorio Berchenko: Mecánica Celeste, Mail Art Lettre 2011

Mail art dialoque with Hans Braumueller, Valle de Los Artistas, Chile, 2011

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Wasser von Claudia Liekam, 2017

Water and Mountains - Painting from Hans Braumüller

Water and Mountains, 15 x 20,5 cm, Mix technice on clay plate 2017

Flüchtlinge fressen - Kunstaktion

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