A Tribute to Guillermo Deisler

Guillermo Deisler


Guillermo Deisler, chilean visual poet, died 1995 in Germany, Halle. Hans Braumüller cooperates several times in his Peacedream-Project UNI/Vers(;) and publish as homage the number 0 of  UNI/Vers(;) in his memory with regular participants of UNI/Vers(;). Guillermo Deisler started with the chilean Gregorio Berchenko, at this time in exile in Paris, among others at 1987 to publish UNI/Vers(;). One of the mayor reason Hans Braumüller get involved with mail art and  visual poetry. Guillermo Deisler helps him 1992 with his Origen Project - 500 years of genocide & colonialism inviting participants from UNI/Vers(;) to participate.

En el homenaje a Guillermo Deisler UNI/Vers(;) Numero 0, que publico Hans Braumüller y se exhibio en varios países, Clemente Padin escribio siguiente ensayo: El UNI/vers de Guillermo Deisler


GUILLERMO DEISLER en el MNBA, Santiago de Chile

“POESÍA VISUAL” se titula la retrospectiva del artista chileno Guillermo Deisler que se presenta en el Ala Norte 2° piso del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes entre el 25 de Septiembre y el 25 de Octubre de 2009. La inauguración se realizará el 24 de Septiembre a las 19:30 hrs.

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Wasser von Claudia Liekam, 2017

Water and Mountains - Painting from Hans Braumüller

Water and Mountains, 15 x 20,5 cm, Mix technice on clay plate 2017

Flüchtlinge fressen - Kunstaktion

Mehr auf https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6WH9ffpj2kRTfYXPlygolQ by Zentrum für Politische Schönheit

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